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What is GliBench?

GliBench is a Gui based benchmarking tool to check your computer's CPU and hard disk performance. It is based on the benchmarks I developed for CliBench Mk III SMP a SMP enabled benchmark program for Win32. There were several tries to port it to other architectures than Win32, but this was not that easy. So I decided to to a Linux port, based on the GTK toolkit with Gnome support, as Linux runs on almost every hardware around and GTK is quite easy to port to other OSs.

What is accomplished yet?

The CPU tests are all ported to ANSI C. They run fully multithreaded using posix threads. You can already use the program for benchmarking your hardware.

What is not done yet?

A lot of things! There is no way to import nor export any files. The harddisk tests do not run yet. In the CVS code you can find some hard drive testing things, but they are that experimental, that I would suggest a backup before running them. Also the description is not included yet. Some guy from Unisys proposed to me to include a stress test for burning in systems, as they build those fine 32 way x86 monsters. Perhaps some graphical comparison things could be nice too.

Are you a developer?

If yes, you're welcome to join forces. I'm at the university finishing the final exams. Besides this I work 16h a week for Big Blue. So a little help would be great.